Escorts Dubai

There are a lot of reasons to love Dubai but for many people, it’s the escorts that really stand out as being something special. Whether you are visiting Dubai on holiday or for work, or you are a Dubai local, you are sure to enjoy spending the evening with a beautiful woman. With a quick phone call, your date with an escort can be arranged today.

What Makes Our Dubai Escorts So Special?

The charismatic, magnetic allure of a Dubai escort will never go unnoticed. Moving with an innate grace, they captivate attention, drawing appreciative glances wherever they step. They easily navigate the vibrant city of Dubai, knowing each corner, and every venue like the back of their hands - making them the ideal travel companions to spice up what might otherwise be a lonely venture.

The beauty of a high-class Dubai escort far transcends the glitz and glamour of the city lights, she’s a beacon of elegance and seduction. An International Deluxe, we know all too well that preferences vary from client to client, and that’s why we’ve hand-picked and carefully curated our exclusive selection of the most spellbinding, bewitching beauties across Dubai. Whether your tastes lean more towards buxom blondes or striking brunettes, we have an escort in Dubai who is perfect for you. 

A GFE escort in Dubai will provide you with the emotional and sexual intimacy that you might be missing whilst far from home. Why should you have to leave that all behind? Our escorts in Dubai will have you sweetly satisfied, in more ways than one.

Dating An Escort In Dubai

When we say there’s a never-ending array of things to do in Dubai, we mean it. The dining options are exquisite, the opulence of the hotels is unmatched and the companionship of a high-class Dubai escort is the delicious cherry on top of it all. Here are a couple of exciting date ideas to wow your stunning companion:

Private Yacht Cruise:

Sail through the iconic Dubai Marina on a private yacht with your charming escort. Enjoy the breathtaking skyline views, indulge in gourmet treats, and let the tranquillity of the sea create a perfect backdrop for intimate conversations that will ultimately lead to even more sensual escapades as the evening draws nearer.


Savour a delicious, romantic dinner at Pierchic, Dubai's iconic overwater restaurant. Delight in a seafood feast while surrounded by the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Your chosen Dubai escort will ensure that every moment is filled with sophistication and charm, and she’ll no doubt be floored at the beauty of this place in particular.

Book a Dubai Escort with International Deluxe.

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