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24 February 2023

Understanding the Difference Between High Class and Ordinary Escorts

Nobody can fulfil unique client experiences like our international escorts! However, our gallery of dedicated high-class escorts can make your time with a companion that extra bit special, all with that extra touch of class. Many may wonder what the difference is between high-class and ordinary escorts and why one is more expensive than the other.

We have compiled a guide to help you decipher the difference between high-class and ordinary escorts so you know exactly what you are getting from your VIP escort experience.

Higher Class, Higher Quality

High-class escorts typically have higher rates than ordinary escorts because they provide a higher quality service. For example, Divina, our worldwide escort, charges £700 an hour for her services catering for couples, males and females. She is also a natural beauty, bilingual and intelligent, making her a desirable catch most men would love to have on their arm regardless of the occasion.

Escorts in this category may have mastered the subtle art of a tantric massage to a level other escorts cannot perform, maybe specialising in a prostate massage.

Our elite escorts are chosen based on their professionalism and discretion, ensuring you receive the best possible service for the extra spend. And we promise they are worth every single penny!

Better Educated

We not only ensure all of our high-class escorts possess model-like beauty but that they are also elite ladies with a higher level of education, often university educated.

Whether you are on a dinner date or travelling to some of the world's most fascinating locations, she will always have a perspective to give, combined with sparkling conversation, leaving you stimulated in more ways than one. 

Luxury from Head to Toe

From how they dress to their interests and expectations, a high-class escort guarantees luxury. These ladies appreciate the finer things in life that any discerning gentleman can enjoy. So if you are looking for a like-minded individual who loves to indulge in luxury, a high-class international escort is for you!

Mia is the ultimate luxurious travel companion! With her long model-like legs and cascading golden locks, she will blow you away from the moment you meet her. She will look incredible no matter where you are, whether in tropical climes or Europe's snow-capped ski resorts. Either way lying back, sipping champagne, and enjoying each other's company seems like the height of pleasure if you ask us!

Services for Special Events

High-class companions are perfect for accompanying you to any special event. Whether a business dinner or a refined party, they know how to look fabulous whilst being discreet and ensuring you have an overall pleasurable experience. 

They will entertain you with scintillating conversation and make you look like the luckiest guy in the world, all with their beautiful looks, intelligence and charm.

Refined Social Skills

As discussed, our high-class escorts at International Deluxe are well-educated young ladies whose social skills reflect that fact. Suppose you are looking for a companion for a business trip or dinner. 

In that case, escorts such as Serena blend in effortlessly with the company, speaking in an erudite and engaging manner when you need her to. She will also be discreet and professional, providing sparkling company and making you feel incredible!

Book an International Travel Companion Today! 

We are committed to finding you the perfect companion here at International Deluxe, so have a few top tips before you book with us by calling or texting us at +447378110301!

First, browse our gallery of elite high-class escorts! Whether you are looking for golden blondes or delicious brunettes, we have stunning models who are all the perfect travel companions.

Next, decide on the services you want! Whether that is just a dinner date or something a little more risque, check the girl's profile to see what she offers before you book her. Once you have decided on your perfect lady, you are ready to book, and the most memorable trip of your life awaits!