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09 June 2022

The Best 10 Nights Out in the UK

There is no getting away from the fact that people in the UK like to have a good time. Whether it’s going to the pub on a Friday afternoon or hitting up a nightclub on a Saturday night, the UK has a lot to offer in terms of nights out. You are sure to have an incredible night out wherever you go in the UK, but there are some cities that reign supreme over the rest. 

The UK’s 10 Best Cities For a Night Out

Below, we have listed the 10 best nights out throughout the UK, but where will you be heading? 

10 - Cardiff - We couldn’t kick start a life of the best nights out in the UK without mentioning Cardiff. Cardiff is a fun, lively and vibrant city that knows how to have fun well into the night. There’s everything from loud and busy nightclubs, to quiet cocktail bars and pubs.

9 - Glasgow - Though a lot of people enjoy a night out in Edinburgh, Glasgow is Scotland’s premier party city. There are endless bars and clubs to explore in Glasgow, many of which are within walking distance of each other. This makes it a great city for bar hopping and pub crawls.

8 - Brighton - Whether it’s the abundance of LGBTQ+ bars that draws you in or the fact that Brighton has long been known as a place to let your hair down, the city has long been known as a place to party. It’s ideal for a night out, as most places are within walking distance and there’s something for everyone. One minute you can be in a quaint pub, and next thing you’re dancing the night away.

7 - Leeds - You will only need to spend a short time in Leeds, before you see just how many night out options it has. There are rooftop bars, terraces and beer gardens, as well as dozens of popular bars and clubs. Regardless of the type of music you are into, you won’t struggle to find your perfect night out in Leeds.

6 - Sheffield - Sheffield is an impressive party scene, one that is largely centred on the city’s love of all things music. When you think about the wealth of alternative night out options in Sheffield, it’s easy to see how the city spawned the likes of The Arctic Monkeys and Pulp.

5 - Bristol - Bristol is a city that’s known for being cool and quirky, and it offers a slightly different type of night out. Though you will certainly find places for cocktails and nightclubs, you will also find cobbled streets and alternative bars. 

4 - Liverpool - As every party animal knows, Liverpool is the place to head if you want a lively evening surrounded by people who know how to have a good time. There are a tonne of places for drinks and cocktails, and lots of pubs to choose from, but it’s the Big Night Out venues that really puts Liverpool on the map. 

3 - Manchester - It’s a well known fact that Mancunians like to have a good time, so it should come as no surprise that Manchetser is one of the best places for a night out in the UK. Whether you want to see live music or sip cocktails in a stylish bar, or you want to rave and party into the early hours of the morning, Manchester does not disappoint. 

2 - Newcastle - Newcastle is a popular place for people to head on stag dos and hen dos, and with good reason. Simply, Newcastle is perfect for a night out. There are no shortage of nightclubs and parties, and you won’t struggle to find somewhere nearby that’s open until the early hours of the morning. Plus, drinks in Newcastle are considerably cheaper than they are in a lot of other places in the UK. 

1 - London - There is no shortage of things to see and do in London, which is why it’s our pick as the best place for a night out in the UK. Whether you are looking for a club night or a theatre show, an immersive experience or a trendy bar, London is not lacking in any way. There is something for everyone in London and there is something for every budget. You will even find a wide range of London escorts to enjoy, if that’s the sort of night out you are looking for.