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De Wallen
14 November 2022

Amsterdam Red Light District Guide

Amsterdam's red light district, also known as De Wallen is widely regarded as the most notorious sex district in Europe.

De Wallen attracts millions of weed smokers and pleasure seekers to the district every year. Not all visitors are looking to meet half naked sex workers promoting themselves in red shop window, but everyone wants a look.

The red light district is especially packed at the weekends. De Wallen is easily accessed by train, car or bike. At the center of De Wallen are famous establishments such as Bananenbar which can be seen for miles with huge neon signs.

If you have never been to the area before, expect to watch live sex shows, visit strip clubs and be tempted behind the curtain to meet local sex workers.

Prostitution in Amsterdam

Prostitution in Amsterdam is legal as long as it involves sex between consenting adults. Sex work is real work and for prostitution to be legalised, offers ladies a safer alternative to street prostitution.

Prostitutes in De Wallen are all independent and not controlled by pimps. The ladies have to pay tax and even have the option to join a union which takes care of their needs.

Most of the ladies do not come from the Netherlands. Whilst some girls are local, the large majority of sex workers are Eastern European, African and Asian. These ladies have traveled from their home countries and set up lives as sex workers.

How much do the girls earn? Usually prostitutes behind the curtains will charge between 50-100 euros for 20 minutes. This is actually quite expensive compared to the hourly rates of escorts.


Our inside Knowledge of the Red Light District

Whether it's your first time visiting De Wallen or your tenth, there are some unwritten rules you should follow out of respect for the sex workers and yourself. 

It is important to remember, these are real ladies behind the curtain who are trying to make a living. You are also trying to enjoy the best experience possible in Amsterdam, so follow these rules and learn these insights.


  • Do not take photos: Nobody wants to have their photo taken in De Wallen. Not the prostitutes, not the bouncers and probably not the tourists. Keep your camera in your project otherwise you might have some angry ladies telling you to move.
  • Treat the ladies how you want to be treated: Of course it is free to look at the ladies. Do not try and touch, force entry or be rude to the girls.
  • Avoid being the centre of attention: Do not try to make a fool of yourself. It will quickly bring the wrong crowd to your location asking you to more and not in a friendly manner.

These are the rules you should follow when visiting De Wallen. If you are willing to follow these rules, here are some tips and tricks only locals would know.


  • If the curtain is closed it means "Please do not disturb". The lady might be with another client, so do not try and and enter.
  • If there is a blue light above the window this means that the escort is transsexual.
  • Do not try to negotiate with the ladies on price, it is very rude. 
  • Do not carry your valuables in easy to reach pockets. There are lots of pickpockets that operate in the area and look for easy targets (usually drunk tourists)

Escorts in Amsterdam

If visiting a crowded red light district isn't for you and you do not want to visit De Wallen, an alternative option is to meet escorts in Amsterdam. There a hundreds of beautiful female escorts in the city meeting locals and tourists. Amsterdam escorts are a mix of Dutch and international girls who are beautiful, sociable, friendly, caring and charming. These ladies help make the most out of your time in the city

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